City of Sterling

The city of Sterling is in the hamlet of Sterling in the county of Myra in the province of Kent in the country of Azin on the continent of Cellenda. Sterling is in the southern part of the county of Myra. In early TK 1049, it consisted of a defensive castle watching the southern front with a small make shift town. The town had a population of 300. During TK 1049, a few important discoveries have transformed the county and the hamlet of Sterling greatly.

The discoveries were deposits of Iron, Silver, Gold, Copper, and Tin. The current productions (TK 1050) of refined ores are:

1 ton a week of Iron
1 ton of copper a month
1/4 ton of tin a month
10 lbs of silver a month
2 lbs of gold a month
30 lbs of quartz crystals a month

These are some of the richest veins of precious and semi-precious metals in all of Azin and her Settlements.

The foundry where all of the metals are refined is located one and one-half miles south west of the city of Sterling. Next to the foundry (400 yards west of the foundry) there is the Second Mint of Kent. Lord Tobias, under the direction of the Duchess of Kent, has a royal writ to mint coins of silver and copper. There is a garrison of 250 troops stationed there to protect the foundry and the mint. It should be noted that the gold mine and the gold that is refined is the property of the High King of Azin and not the local or regional lords. There are currently over 20,000 people involved in mining and foundry work in and around Sterling. There are 150 people employed at the mint.

When Sir Tobias, the new lord of Sterling, took power he was provided with the financial backing to make sweeping changes to the area. The first thing he did was to have stone buildings placed in a grid pattern around the castle. He then moved the current town's people to the new stone buildings and then fired the old wooden buildings of the make shift town. The decree went out that only stone buildings were to be constructed in what would now be the city of Sterling. Within months of the major finds, more than 30 thousand people traveled to Sterling to find their fortunes. As of the 1st day of TK 1050, the city of Sterling has a population of 1.12 million. It has gone from an outpost to a large city in less than one calendar year.

The city's defenses include four circular inner walls that are patrolled. Within each wall there are four gates that are guarded. The citadel is in the center of the city and the growth of the city is managed by Lord Tobias. His orders are to defend the city, its inhabitants, and the resources of the area in that order. He will not see the city fall due to poor planning or to its construction.

Lord Saint John (Sinjin) Tobias was the Captain of the Guard of the Sterling outpost when the former Lord was caught diverting funds, materials, and workers from developing the land to making his life easier. Worst of all, the former lord lied about it and tried to cover it up. Tobias, being an honest and loyal man, helped uncover the deceit and was elevated to a Baron (T) with his direct overlord Roger Tyne who is a Baron (W) with the Duchess of Kent overseeing the entire county of Myra.