Trinity Wells

The history of Trinity Wells starts when the Duchess of Kent orders the area surveyed beginning in TK 1037. In TK 1038, three cold springs were discovered and a year later, the Duchess raised funds to settle the area. The town of Trinity Wells was established in TK 1040. The resources of the three wells north of the town were going to dominate the town's economics. This was until seven years later when copper deposits were found south of the town. A year later, tin was discovered near the surface a few miles from the town. The amount of tin that was discovered changed the future of Trinity Wells.

The Duchess of Kent sent Dwarven masons to rebuild the town from wood structures to stone structures. Then in TK 1049, the Duchess of Kent ordered a foundry to be built just south of Trinity Wells. The town has grown around the foundry. The foundry is now part of the city.

The town of Trinity Wells is completely made of stone buildings. The main street of Trinity Wells is also constructed of stone. The side streets and alleyways are still dirt roads. Some of the dirt roads have stones and tree logs embedded in them to make traveling on them during the rain easier. Most of the buildings are adorned with bronze works and there are several bronze statues on the main street and the town square where the Gate Portal is located.

The city of Trinity Wells is divided up into neighborhoods. These neighborhoods do not have a set size or even ethnic group or groups to determine that they are a neighborhood. The current neighborhoods are:

Main StreetThe Foundry DistrictThe Copper DistrictThe Tin District
The Entertainment DistrictThe Cloth DistrictThe Meat DistrictChapel Hill
Rose HillIron HillTraders DistrictCarvers Bend
Sculptors RowBaker's CornerTraffic BendArmor Row
Up Wind (of the foundry)Down Wind (of the foundry)Market WestMarket East

Dwellings and Homes
In the city of Trinity Wells, buildings must be made of stone with less than 1 percent of the buildings made of flammable materials. The dwellings and homes in the city of Trinity Wells fall into three specific categories. There are:

The Apartments
The Town Houses
The Great Houses

The Apartments
The Apartments are constructed out of hard stone usually of granite from the quarry five miles west of the city of Trinity Wells. The Apartments are 70 feet in height by 100 feet long and 50 feet wide and are designed to accommodate several families living in this structure. Unlike apartment buildings in other cities, the roofs are used for the benefits of the ones living in the building. During the growing season, the roofs are divided up among the families that are living in the building for growing vegetable crops. The TK 1050 Census determined that 70% of the population of Trinity Wells dwells in Apartments. The need for housing is great in Trinity Wells and to answer this need apartment buildings are being constructed.

The Town Houses
The town houses are constructed out of stone, again usually of granite from the quarry. Merchants usually own these three to four story buildings. They have their shops on the first or first and second story and their home on the upper floors. Main Street and Market Street are filled with these types of Town Houses. The TK 1050 census determined the 25% of the population dwells in Town Houses.

The Great Houses
The Great houses are reserved for the nobility of Trinity Wells and for rich or well off commoners. The future Guild House for the users of Magick is a Great house with many modifications. The Lord Mayors house and offices are contained within a Great Houses. The TK 1050 census determined the 5% of the population of Trinity Wells dwells in Great Houses.

The Markets and Shops
The street of Main Street of Trinity Wells is lined with merchant shops with goods locally acquired and acquired from around the world. The Markets and Shops are divided into two categories. These categories are the Merchant Shops and The Shops of the Open Market.

The Merchant Shops
The Merchant Shops are usually specialty shops containing goods, foods and items that are not normally found in the Trinity Wells Area. These shops include:

Dock First ImportersThe Chocolate Drink HouseThe Ballad ShopMacmillan Fine Clothing
Roger's Apothecary and HerbsRichard's Pawn and Money LendingThe Bank of Trinity Wells  

Shops of the Open Market
There are two large open markets in Trinity Wells. The first is located on East Market Street and the second is located on West Market Street. Main Street is the dividing line for East and West Market Streets. The Open Air Markets sell the staples of living in Trinity Wells from food, to cookware to clothing and everything that one needs to live in the city.

Bears Fruits, Vegetables and Fine WinesApple's Fresh Meats
Evergreens Grains and FlourCraiger's Furniture

Churches and Temples
The city of Trinity Wells is home to the Cathedral of Saint Mary as well as an additional 25 churches of the Religion of the One True God. There are ten temples of the Children of God and two Temples to the Azatar Religion. Located just off the main street of Trinity Wells is the Gove dedicated to the Lady of light and the pantheon of Alquennas. Located in several areas throughout the city of Trinity Wells are standing trees that contain small shrines to several of the deities of Alquennas.

Granite Quarry five miles west of the city of Trinity Wells discovered in TK 1039.
The Western Forest
The Eastern Forest
The Southern Forest
The Great Northern Forest
The River Trinity Hope

Time Line of Trinity Wells

TK 1038 the three cold springs are discovered between Arketton and Bethel
TK 1039 the Duchess of Kent raises funds to settle the area around the three cold springs.
TK 1039 source of Granite discovered five miles west of the settlement of Trinity Wells.
TK 1040 Trinity Wells is established
TK 1047 Copper is discovered one mile south of Trinity Wells
TK 1048 Tin is discovered two miles southwest of Trinity Wells
TK 1048 The river Trinity Hope is discovered. It flows from North West of Trinity Wells to south east of Trinity Wells
TK 1048 Iron deposits are discovered five miles southeast of Trinity Wells
TK 1049 The Duchess of Kent builds a foundry just outside Trinity Wells
TK 1049 A mass migration to Trinity Wells begins. The foundry soon becomes part of the town as buildings go up around the foundry.
TK 1050 On All Hallows Eve, Trinity Wells is the location of a great spiritual event that affects all religions. Several call it the Second Miracle of Trinity Wells.
TK 1050 The Census determines that there are 68,500 inhabitants of the city of Trinity Wells.