Mednadda Political Map

Country Name Primary Race Government Type Current Leader Capital Alliance
Katonnan Human Military dictatorship   Harinten AON
Traden Human & Dwarven Merchant Prince Robert Smithman Traven Trista
Unadrian Human & Haeflin Merchant Prince Christopher Carter Loth Trista
Gregoria Human & Saurians Wizard's council Wizard's council Gregoria AON
Grand Oak Wood Elves & Centaurs Monarch Queen Kyra Anoreia Mamlet AON
Stone's Rising Dwarven & Dragon Monarch and Dragons rule themselves Kev Axton Covencore AON
Valinnia Humans Monarch King Military Governor Lord Duncan Tully Lords AON
Vivandar Humans Monarch King Philip Casten Apolda None
The City of Dawn Haeflin Haeflin Count Lord Aurous of the 3rd Sphere of Influence Dawn AON

Blood Path

Blood Path

The above is a set of mountain paths that are located between the nations of Katonnan (to the north) and the country of Valinna on the continent of Mednadda. During the fourth War with the Horde the Saurian: Dragon Kin assaulted the path as a diversion when the Alliance of Nations liberated the Valinnan city of Dresden. This battle is thought by many to be the turning point in the Fourth War with the Horde. The commanding officer of the Horde troops guarding the path stated "That 1 million troops in a million years could not and can not take this path from my troops." 15 thousand Saurian: Dragon Kin and two thousand humans took the paths in less then two days.