Gale Galen The Healer Gallison Gallison Estralla Empire
Gallison Nebula Galway County Ganit Ganit City
Gate Hiking Gate Hitching Gate Portals Gate Portal Engineer
Gate Portal Time City of Gates Gateway to Currerria Gateway to the Wasteland
Gemda The Gems of Alquennas Gemsten Ghost Legion / Ghost Claw
Gigantene Gigantiske Themba Gilbert Gildar
Glade Glaive of Alquennas Glyph Goblin Market
Goblinoid The Golden Karp Constellation The Golden Key Golden Knight
Golden Oak Golden Tabby Tiger Golem Goliath Sharks
Go-Ruden Gova-Core Gown Grand Admiral
Grand Battle Flag Grand City Grand Currerria Canal Grand Fleet
Grand Force Grand Rapids Grand Sheep Grand Temple
"Grappling with the Climb" Gravis Gray Lady Great Meadow
Great Mountain Great Red Pearls Great Weaver Birds of Sea Fair The Great Wheel of the Monarch
Greater Bryagel Greater Fyngel Green and Silver Company Green Knight
Green Rose Green Storm Rising Greetings and Farewells of Azin City of Gregoria
Gregoria Grimoire Grizzly Polar Groups
Grove Guardian Shepherd Guardians of Kenda Gylne Datter

Gale - Gale is a short form of Gallison.
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Galen the Healer - Galen was interested in the healing arts when he was a young child. Being Human, the arts of healing had limitations that the other races found alternate methods and ways to deal with. As a youth, he spent his time as an apprentice to the Healer's Guild of Kallon.

Galen's Timeline

455 BK
Galen, son of the Whitesmith was born on the outskirts of Kallon on the first day of spring. He was named after a famed healer from ancient times.

443 BK
Galen Whitesmith achieved and apprenticeship under the Kallon Healer's Guild.

437 BK
Galen Whitesmith achieved his Master level in the healing arts. He began his journeys throughout the realms.

425 BK
Galen Whitesmith discovers that a distillation of Algo root can ease the symptoms of Red Fever and in most cases cure it.

400 BK
Galen Whitesmith is now better known as Galen the Healer as he has been credited for healing not only a great number of injured and sick but for curing outbreaks of the Red Fever. He returns to the country of Azin and to his birthplace of Kallon. He begins to teach at the Healer's Guild.

395 BK
Galen the Healer begins writing his book entitled "The Cure Should Not Be Worse than the Sickness"

385 BK
Galen the Healer completes his Opus "The Cure Should Not Be Worse than the Sickness." It is well accepted.

350 BK
Galen the Healer dies while traveling in Fyngel. He is given a hero's funeral.

Upon his death, the Master of the Healing Guild of Azin stated "No other living intelligent being has done more to advance the art of healing than Galen Whitesmith. He will be missed for his knowledge and compassion. However, he will truly be missed, as he was a good person, and a good friend."

The set of arms associated with Galen were created in TK 400 by the Guild of Healers as a way not only to honor the man but as a quick means to identify his work and writings.
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Gallison - Gallison is the name of the star that Alquennas orbits. Gallison the solar system that the star called Gallison is located. Gallison is a popular name for females on the planet Alquennas, and translates to beloved of Alquennas or daughter of the beloved.
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Gallison Estralla Empire - Gallison Estralla Empire, also known as the Empire of the Ancients or the Ancient Empire of Man, is the oldest known human culture on Alquennas. The exact date of the beginning of the Empire's rule is unknown and the date of the Empire's demise is also unknown.

Legend states that a great river known as the Elnar, ran north to south bisecting the entire continent and through the heart of the continent and formed a lush river valley at the center of the continent. This river valley is said to be the home of the Empire of the Ancients. The only remains of this ancient empire are the great temples and pyramids that lie within the heart of the Ariddia. Numerous Human cultures throughout the world claim that the Empire of the Ancients is the cradle of culture for the world. It is said that many of the Gods were first worshiped in the temples that now inhabit the great desert.

Shenu - Shenu is the Gallison Estralla Empire word for "encircle." Its elongated form became the word cartouche describing the symbol that surrounds the king's name.

Djew - Djew is Gallison Estralla Empire for "mountain."
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Gallison Nebula - Gallison Nebula in 400 BK a great diviner attempted to divine the universe. She came out of her trance and described a great scene of great beauty. Many scholars agreed she was describing the Gallison Nebula in which Alquennas is located.
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Galway County - Galway County is one of the counties in the province of Maderia in the country of Azin.
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Ganit - Ganit is one of the four countries that make up the continent of the Southern Shield.
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Ganit City - Ganit City is the Capital of the country of Ganit and home of the Council of Rule for the country. The city hosts the Horde University of Languages for all of the Horde races.
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Gate Hiking - Gate Portal Hiking aka Gate Hiking is the name given to a method of itinerant travel across Alquennas. Because the Gate Portals can be held open for several minutes, the 50 known public Gate Portals can gather quite a crowd of users who desire to go to a different location. Once an opening has been paid for and a destination is selected, those who desire to go to that destination will arrange (known as Gate Hitching) with those who paid for the opening to either go along or to hold the portal open long enough for them to travel through as well. This is a common means for minstrels, entertainers, and non-aligned heralds to spread news, mail, and small deliveries as well.
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Gate Hitching - Gate Portal Hitching aka Gate Hitching is the name given to the actual act of traveling through a Gate Portal without paying the actual price of opening it. Methods range from the honest - exchanging work on a caravan or offering to chip in on the costs of the opening - to the dishonest and downright dangerous – such as attempting to sneak through under a wagon while a caravan master’s back is turned. Some desperate Gate Hitchers have been known to tempt fate and dive through, as the portal is getting ready to close. Quite a few of those foolhardy enough to try such maneuvers have been found dead.
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Gate Portals of Alquennas - Before History was written in stone or paper, the recollections of the events were passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. The History of the Wind, as it is known, could take days to recite. It is unusual that even the Elves, who kept stone records of their lineage, did not keep a written record of the events that shaped the world for tens of thousands of years. The Eloanns’ early written records were on brittle material that has not survived the test of time. Around BK 10000, some of the History of the Wind was written down.

One of the stories that were spoken of in the History of the Wind concerns itself with the creation of what are now called Gate Portals. When the world was young, when the Elves and the Horde were not even a thought yet or even a dream or nightmare, the Caretakers roamed the world serving the Dragons not of this realm. The Caretakers could not travel great distances quickly. The Religious Order of Light communed with the gods and the Dragons. After many years, a gift was granted to the Caretakers and the other walkers of the realm. The artisan of Thunder and Lightning constructed the first Gate Portal. Watching over the construction was the Artificer of the Heavens, Druncar. The Caretakers were also shown how to create the Gate Portals.

The Gate Portals are great gateways to other lands on Alquennas. They are also a Portal to great knowledge. It is said that if one learns the secrets of the Gate Portals, they can even travel to and through the crossroads. It is said that the God of Thunder brought forth the Dwarves through the crossroads using a Gate Portal.

The Gate Portals are 15 feet in diameter and once configured for a destination and opened, they can stay open for 39 minutes before they exhaust the power in the stones. The Gate Portals are powered by 100 Crowns worth of enchanted precious gems. These stones are arranged into 16 different quantities, as the precious stones will configure the Gate Portal to open and connect to a specific destination Gate portal on Alquennas. The 16 quantities are divided into four sections of four. The first section of four represents the hemisphere of the planet that the destination Gate Portal is located. The second section of four represents the continent or land mass that the destination Gate Portal is located. The third set of four represents the regional area the destination Gate Portal is located. The four and last section of four represents a unique identification for the destination Gate Portal for the regional area.

In order to open a Gate Portal, there is a cost of 100 Crowns' worth of precious gems. This tends to keep Gate Portal travel restricted to only those that can afford it. This includes governments, large land barons, wealthy merchants, various important guilds, and some religious factions. These groups would have the coin to not only purchase 100 Crowns worth of precious gems but to pay for gems to be properly enchanted which costs money as well.

As of TK 1045, there are over 200 Gate Portals on Alquennas. Out of the 200, only 50 are public use Gate Portals.

Note: In the Fourth War with the Horde, 14 Gate Portals were detonated. The process on how a Gate Portal can be destroyed is a closely guarded secret as no known weapons can destroy a Gate Portal. The devastating destruction that occurs when a Gate Portal is detonated will level a radius of four miles destroying and killing everything in that four-mile radius. There appears to be no lasting or lingering effects when a Gate Portal is detonated.

The Gate Portals are also the arbiters of time on Alquennas. It is not known how they maintain their timekeeping but a person who has had their "time sense" activated can have it calibrated to the nearest Gate Portal. Once that is done, they can set any form of clock to keep accurate time.
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Gate Portal Engineer - Gate Portal Engineer is the name given to the Guild of Engineers responsible for creating and maintaining the current Gate Portal system. They are known for keeping the trade secrets of their craft very close.
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Gate Portal Time - Gate Portal Time refers to the internal clocks that each Gate Portal contains. This clock is utilized by mages who use the Gate Portal to calibrate their time sense. The Gate Portals allow for the division of the world's time zones with the zero line being in Greenwich Azin a city due north of the Capital city of Azin. The Merchant Guilds of Alquennas use Gate Portal Time to determine everything from when to schedule shipments to creating dates and times on contracts. Several cities and large towns will use a Gate Portal to calibrate their Water or Sand Clocks.
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City of Gates - City of Gates is the provincial capital of the province of Southland in the country of Azin.
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The Gateway to Currerria - The Gateway to Currerria is the port of entrance to the Grand Currerria Canal that allows access from Lake Cererpan in the center of the country to the ocean. The Capital city of Currerria lies on the shore of the Grand Canal.
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The Gateway to the Wasteland - The Gateway to the Wasteland is a series of forts that are linked together with an eight-foot wall on the northern edge of the magical Wasteland of Azin.
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Gemda - Gemda is a border town in the country of Tra-Len on the continent of Kenda. The town is two miles from the border with Ne' Tal. The country of Tra-Len is a control comprised of mostly wood Elves.

In TK 1047, the town was taken by the 4th Morder Free Company for unknown reasons. The town was rescued by forces of Tra-Len and Ne' Tal.
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The Gems of Alquennas - The Gems of Alquennas are Dwarven stones that were mined in Gemsten. They are considered the national treasure of Gemsten. Each of these Gems are stones that are 100 carats in size. They have been tumbled and polished but have not been cut. There are five of these Gems: one each of Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and Amethyst. The Gems are set in a platinum scepter that measures three feet in length by six inches wide.
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Gemsten - Gemsten is one of the countries that make up the continent of Fyngel. For additional information, please see the World Atlas: Fyngel.
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Ghost Legion/Ghost Claw - A Ghost Legion or a Ghost Claw is a specialized and trained Horde unit that has had its members physically enhanced. They have the ability to blend into any surrounding, the ability to mask themselves, and the ability to Blink.
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Gigantene - Gigantene is dwarven for "The Giants" this refers to the collective races of the giants.
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Gigantiske - Gigantiske is dwarven for Giant.
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Themba Gilbert - Themba Gilbert was born in 995 TK and died in 1046 TK. Themba, born to magical nobility, was designated at his birth to follow in his parents' footsteps. His father, Davis Gilbert, was a Power Word Mage and was a member of the ruling Council of the Azin Mages. His mother, Rebecca Mary Gilbert, was a Mathematics Mage and a Lore Master (Head Teacher) in Kallon. His mother was fond of saying, while pregnant, that her child was the greatest work of magick and love she had ever crafted. His mother died in childbirth.

His father provided everything he needed to grow, especially love. When Gilbert was 10 years old, he requested (begged) that his father allow him to become an apprentice in the Mages Guildhall. After days (to his father it seemed like years) of begging, his father gave in.

Themba mastered his duties quickly and was given additional responsibilities within the guildhall. Less than a year later, it was decided by the council that Themba had proven that he was capable of learning the Arcane Arts. Themba completed the tasks and lessons quicker than anyone had previously.

In TK 1015, he achieved the rank of Master Magus. His father was very proud of him. Themba decided to stay in the service of the guildhall. After a few months, his father decided it was time for Themba to move on to his next challenge. In the summer of TK 1015, Themba and his father traveled from Kallon to the Capital of Azin. There his father officially introduced him to the Crown of Azin. Darius Nari' the High King of Azin at the time and Katarina Nari' the high Queen at the time took to him instantly. His gentle eyes where only matched by his gentle nature. A deep friendship between Themba and the Royal family soon developed.

A little over a year later, Themba was promoted to the position of Court Mage of Azin. His new post allowed him to excel in his magery. He proved his loyalty repeatedly. He was rewarded with the title of Magical Guardian of the Royal Children.

On Midsummer's Day of TK 1017, Henry Davis Gilbert, mage and father of Themba died in his sleep. Themba lost his closest friend and greatest confidant. His soul and spirit was crushed. However, Themba did not allow this to effect his duties to the royal family.

In late autumn of TK 1019, the royal family was visiting Kenda. The Queen was with child. As they toured the capital of Kenda, a Horde assassin attempted to kill the Queen with a crossbow. Themba saw the glint of the crossbow in the noon sun and used his magick to create a curved wall of ice. The crossbow bolt was deflected. It hit a wall several dozen feet away. Upon impact with the nearby wall, the bolt exploded with Holocaust Dragon Fire.

In TK 1021, after the death of King Darius, Queen Katarina appointed Themba as an advisor to the court. He served the position well for five years. During his service as advisor to the crown of Azin, he was sent on many diplomatic missions. A great number of scholars believe that this point in his evolution to the darkness is where he was first contacted. His journals indicated that he was trying to gather information on what and who were and are the Dark Forces that were involved in causing problems for Azin and all of the realms of Alquennas.

In TK 1026, he was appointed unanimously by the Mages Guild of Azin as Arch Magus of Azin. He worked and continued to assist Azin; however, no one knew the personal cost to his soul and mind. As the Fourth War with The Horde escalated, his abilities were sorely needed.

On the first day in TK 1040, Themba and a column (110 soldiers) of Azin, mounted warriors were ambushed in Fyngel by Horde Shock (Bugbears) and heavy infantry (Great Orcs) of the Clan of the Kindred Hand. They were outnumbered 150 to one. Most of the Azin scholars believe this is the point in Themba's life that he crossed the line. Seeing no other alternative Themba summoned a several spawns from Hell in the middle of the Horde troops. The Horde troops were shattered in moments. Themba then bound the Hell Spawns into his foci. This information was discovered after his death in his journals. The Azin soldiers thought that he had banished them to the pit from with they came from. Over the next few years, the personal cost to Themba increased until late TK 1045 when he surrendered himself to the darkness.

One the Third day of TK 1046, Themba Gilbert, the Arch Magus of Azin and one of the closest friends to the royal family, attempted to kill Queen Gwenhyfar Isabel Nari' High Queen of Azin. Queen Gwenhyfar Isabel Nari' was severely injured by the attack. King Rene' Nari' personally hunted down Themba Gilbert. The King found him trying to hide in an alleyway of the Capital. The King arrested Themba who openly confessed in between sobs of tears. The King offered Themba a trial. Themba gave up his right to a trial and pleaded guilty. Rene' Nari High King of Azin sentenced Themba to death by starvation. Themba was to receive 8 pints of water a day. Themba was taken to the Prison of Mirrors located at the White Mountains.

Thirty-Seven days later on the 40th day of the year, Themba Gilbert died of starvation. His body was ordered cremated. His ashes were mixed with mortar and used in building a new wing in the Prison of Mirrors.

It should be noted that, as an enemy of the state and traitor, any public portraits or statues would normally be destroyed. The High King Rene' ordered that none of the statues or portraits of Themba were to be destroyed. King Rene' informed all of the constables of Azin and the Heralds that Themba had served Azin longer than most of the nobles and constables had and he was always faithful except for the one incident.
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Gildar - Gildar was born in TK 990 in the Third Sphere of Haeflin of Influence to a noble family. He was schooled in the ways of a Master Lore Protector and the arts of leading a nation. On his (TK 915) 25th birthday, he ascended to the throne of (Haeflin Low King) the Third Sphere of Haeflin Influence. His father past away in his sleep a month earlier and after the 35 days of morning he was officially took control of the Third Sphere of Haeflin Influence.

Under his control, the Third Sphere of Haeflin Influence diverted from their established path to travel down a path that was alien to them and almost destroyed the entire realm including the Third Sphere of Haeflin Influence.

In TK 1046, Gildar was killed during an action with Alliance of Nations Troops. Gildar hired mercenaries to begin acquiring materials for his Grate Work. The mercenaries were consisted of 220 Human heavy infantry, 110 Centaur Heavy Cavalry and 500 Scorpionmen siege troops.

Gildar's mercenaries were questing for their next component of the Great Work that was located in a village of 1500 people. The villagers were not aware that their village contained anything of value. As the mercenary force under Gildar's control began to scorch, the village troops of the Lady's own from Kent intervened. Gildar was killed in combat. The village was lost; however not a single villager was killed.
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Glade - A Glade is a term used to describe an open area in a wood or forest.
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Glaive of Alquennas - Glaive of Alquennas is a mountain in the Heart of Greater Fyngel. It represents the glaive that the True Elves were given when they were created on Alquennas. The Glaive's purpose is to protect Alquennas.
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Glyph - Glyph is a symbolic figure or character that stands for a magical formula carved into a stone tablet, piece of wood, and so on. A spell of a glyph can be a single spell or a combination spell.
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Goblin Market - Goblin Markets are markets that are owned and controlled by Fae goblins. Fae goblins are not directly related to any of the member races of the Goblinoid Horde. One can find anything that one desires or needs in a Goblin Market, but be forewarned that the price for even the smallest object may cost the purchaser dearly. Anything of the Fae realm as well as the human and other realms can be found for sale, barter, or trade at a Goblin Market. There are 33 known entrances in Alquennas to the goblin market. One can also travel the Cross Roads to access a Goblin Market by way of Underhill.
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Goblinoid - Goblinoid refers to anything associated with the races that comprise the Horde with the exception of the Calton.
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The Golden Karp Constellation - The Golden Karp Constellation is one of the constellations of the South Polar Region of Alquennas. It is comprised of 11 stars.
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The Golden Key - The Golden Key refers to an enchanted key that has the ability to open and normal, magical or Psionic lock. This artifact is a legend and no one who is alive today has ever seen it.
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Gold Knight - The Gold Knight is a legend even in the world of the Fae. It is stated that the Gold Knight will lead the armies of Light against the nothingness when it comes to all of the realms of Fairy and man alike.
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The Golden Oak - The Golden Oak is the Elven Wood located north of the capitol region of Azin. It is currently ruled by Prince Jandar. Prince Jandar is one of the Constables of Azin and was once an adventuring partner of the Duchess of Kent.
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Golden Tabby Tiger - The Golden Tabby Tiger is a rare mishap of nature. This normal sized Tiger has the colorization of a Golden Tabby Cat. This strange looking tiger is sought after for its fur. Elves and Dwarves alike protect them. It is rumored that there is a Golden Tabby Tiger living within the province of Kent in the country of Azin.
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Golem - See Simulacrum.
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Goliath Sharks - The Goliath Shark is found in the frigid waters off the coasts of the countries of the Southern Shield. These cold-water predators have the ability to regulate their body temperature though a unique membrane under their outer skin that provides warmth to the entire shark. Their body temperatures stay at 80 degrees due to this unique feature. Normally, they school in numbers from two to eight. Measuring an average of 16 feet, there has been examples caught that have been up to 20 feet. Their schools will hunt larger prey including toothed whales and even the great blue whales.
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Go-Ruden - Go-Ruden is the name of a town in the Province of Sabure in the Ariddia region of Terralen.
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Gown - Gown refers to one of the two parts of a university town. The "Gown" section of a university town is where the academic areas of the town are located. This includes housing for students and facility, school buildings, and administration buildings are located. The relationship between the two sections of a university town can be adversarial at times.
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Gova-Core - Gova-Core is the name given to the governmental building of the country of Tel'Narra.
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Grand Admiral - A Grand Admiral is a military navy rank in most human realm of Alquennas. A Grand Admiral commands at least one if not all of the naval fleets of a realm or country on Alquennas.
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Grand Battle Flag - The Grand Battle Flag is the largest flag flown on naval ships, usually the largest capital ship in the fleet. The flag is large 25 feet by 30 feet and is usually hung from the tallest mast of a ship of war.
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Grand City - Grand City is a settlement with a population over 1,000,000 inhabitants.
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Grand Currerria Canal - Grand Currerria Canal is a canal in Currerria that allows quick travel from the center of the country to the ocean coast.
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Grand Fleet - A Grand Fleet is a naval unit used in the human realms that consists of 320 to 520 ships or 2 + Fleets. The ships in a Grand Fleet are a mixture of types. A Fleet Adm. usually commands a Grand Fleet.
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Grand Force - Grand Force is a Horde military unit that consists of four Denton, 2 fingers of support warriors (staff) and a Grand Force Leader. The Grand Force will number 11281 warriors in strength.
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Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids City is the provincial capital of the province of Seraph.
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Grand Sheep - Grand Sheep or Giant sheep are five to six times the size of normal sheep. The average shoulder height for a Gran Sheep is from 150 inches to 200 inches in height. They were bred for their size by the Cyclops race. In TK 1040, the Duchess of Kent traded with a Cyclops town for several sheep and a few rams. In the mid southern lands of the province of Kent in the country of Azin, there are now over 400 head of Grand Sheep. Saurians and humans tend the Grand Sheep of Kent. They produce five to six times the amount of wool and meat. It is rumored that a chariot was designed to be pulled by four to six Grand Sheep Rams. This chariot was said would have been a gift to Rygel the Arch Magus of Azin. The rumor ended when Rygel got married.
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Grand Temple - A Grand Temple is the primary Temple of the Faith of the Children of God in a city or town. In the largest towns and cities, there will be more than one temple; however, the Grand Temple will usually be the first and largest of the temples in a city.
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"Grappling with the Climb" - "Grappling with the Climb" is a book on how to climb various surfaces with ropes, rope ladders, and by hand.
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Gravis - Gravis is an old family name from Talis. It dates back to before the Empire that once ruled many of the continents of Alquennas. It is even older than the Gallison Estralla Empire.
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The Gray Lady - The Gray Lady and her legend can be found in every human culture on every continent where there is a human settlement on Alquennas. It is stated that long ago at the dawn of man, a beautiful woman dressed in gray came to the young race of man and taught them many things from creating fire to the basics of the arcane arts. She is known as of the giver of knowledge and the protector of knowledge.

She said she was sent by the Monarch with these teachings. Her legend predates the three religions of the book. Throughout history she has appeared to many and different human cultures to assist in an advancement of technology, wisdom, music or culture.

Some say that she continues to walk on Alquennas. On Midsummer's day in TK 1030 on the Island of Three Sisters, a group of human engineers and dwarven engineers were at the Drunken Sailor Tavern. A barmaid in a gray dress was serving them both. They began to compete on who was and is a better engineer. The barmaid provoked both sides into working on a strange idea, to see who was better. After ten hours, the dwarves and the humans had carved out on the tables the first design for a dry dock. Both the humans and dwarves stated the plan, and the work on it was done together.

When the dwarves and human engineers looked for the barmaid, she was nowhere to be found and when asked, the bar owned stated he never had a worker dressed in gray.

It is unclear if the Gray Lady is a manifestation of Alishay or is one of her servants. It is known that she is solid and not a phantom however.
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Town of Great Meadow - Town of Great Meadow is one of the towns in the county of Armorose in the province of Kent in the country of Azin.
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Great Mountain - A Great Mountain is a terrain Feature that measures more than 8,001 feet above ground level and measures more than 100 feet wide at its base.
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Great Red Pearls - Great Red Pearls (Magical Element Water and Fire Rated MR 3) are also called Flame Pearls as their coloration looks like a sphere of flame. These seawater pearls come from the great oysters of Moshven that are found off the coast of Moshven. They are prized not only for their luster and unusual colorization but also for their arcane properties. Once enchanted, the Great Red Pearl can be used to store spells within it. A user of magick can store 10 MR of spells per Ct of Great Red Pearl. One can has a 5% chance of finding Great Red Pearls in a store in Moshven at a cost of 2100 P + and a 1% chance in shops in other countries with a minimum price of 2500 P+. The average size of a Great Red Pearl is .5 to 1.25 Ct. There have been occasions that enormous Great Red Pearls up to 8 Ct have been found in the Great Oysters of Moshven which themselves can grow to 25 lbs. in size.
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Great Weaver Birds of Sea Fair - The Great Weaver Birds of Sea Fair inhabit all of the regions of the Realm of Sea Fair. The Great Weaver Birds of Sea Fair are much larger than their cousins the Terralen Weaver Birds as the males may reach up to two pounds in weight and the females can reach three pounds in weight. The diet for the Great Weaver Birds of Sea Fair consists of seeds, insects, worms and other small creatures. These birds have a large conical rounded bill. The male's coloration ranges from blues and greens to reds, yellows and oranges. During the mating season, males of the Great Weaver Birds of Sea Fair can change their brilliance and color of their plumage.

The Great Weaver Birds of Sea Fair get their name from the large elaborately woven nests that both the male and female construct together once their courtship has begun. The nests range from 12 inches to 15 feet in length. The nest is comprised of an inner chamber with a platform for the eggs and chick, and outer chamber for storage of seeds and other foodstuff. The outer chamber is attached to a tree limb, pole, or structure. The outer chamber is attached to entrance tube or tubes that extend away and down from the chambers. These tubes protect the next from nest predictors. The nests are waterproof and weather proof.
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The Great Wheel of the Monarch - The Great Wheel of the Monarch is one of the constellations of the South Polar Region of Alquennas. It is comprised of14 stars.
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Greater Bryagel - Greater Bryagel is one of the countries that make up the continent of Bryagel. Greater Bryagel is controlled by True Elves. For additional information, please see the World Atlas: Bryagel.
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Greater Fyngel - Greater Fyngel is one of the countries that make up the continent of Fyngel. Greater Fyngel is controlled by True Elves. For additional information, please see the World Atlas: Fyngel.
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Green and Silver Company - The Green and Silver Company are elite Great Elven warriors of Fyngel. Their duty is to protect their country and to assist Greater Fyngel when called upon.
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Green Knight - The Green Knight is the champion of the Land and those that cannot speak for themselves. Technically, he owes allegiance to the Black Queen and her Courts. However, he has always been the most independent of the Knights as he takes his defense of his charges quite seriously.
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Green Rose - (Magical Element: All Four MR 3) The Green Rose is the source that all healers on Alquennas wear some green on them to denote that they are healers. This is due to the healing powers that the Green Rose Possesses. The Green Rose is also known as the Healer's Rose. The Green Rose possesses the following healing abilities:

4 petals on a wound will stop all effects from poisoning.
8 petals will double the natural healing rate of the wound and will close an open wound.
1 petal ground into hot water will cure a normal sore throat.
2 petals ground into hot water will reduce a fever for 2 days.
4 petals ground into hot water with garlic will cure a normal fever.
6 petals ground into hot water with garlic will cure Red Fever.

A laceration covered in a poultice made from fresh Green Rose petals will heal in a day.

Permanent Scars that are wrapped in poultices made from Green Rose petals will go away in 30 days as long as they are kept covered and the poultices are replaced every day with fresh ones.

4 quantities of Green Rose Petals will double the potency of any salve or mixture.

The Green Rose can be found in the wild on the Cellenda, Kenda, and Mednadda continents. The chance of finding a wild Green Rose plant is 24%. The Green Rose has been exported to every continent with a temperate climate to tropical climate but it does not grow wild on most of them. There is a 10% chance that you will find Green Rose petals in a shop. In the shop, dried Green Rose petals sell for 1 Cr per pound and fresh Green Rose petals sell for 2.5 Cr per pound. Please note that if one uses dried Green Rose petals, they will need to double the quantity required.

1 quantity of Green Rose petals, if used for healing magick, is equal to four quantities of other materials. However, this effect only occurs when the petals are used in simple devices such as potions, salves, balms, elixirs and cordials. More complex items tend to overpower their qualities and they revert to one quantity.
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Green Storm Rising - Green Storm Rising is a phrase to describe the Horde preparing for war. It was first coined during the Second War with the Horde and has been used ever since.
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Greetings and Farewells of Azin - The people of Azin believe that life is a great journey or Life is the Great journey and that the journey will bring you back home to complete the great circle of life. To this end, there are several different greetings and farewell phrases used by all classes in Azin:

I hope the journey was kind to you.
Looks like you have fared well from the journey
Welcome from the journey

Safe Journey
May the journey be pleasant to you.
I await your return from the journey
May your journey be short

Note: The phrase "May your journey be everlasting." is considered to be used only when the speaker does not desire the one he/she said it to ever come back. It is a polite way of stating: "Get lost and do not come back!".
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City of Gregoria - The City of Gregoria is the capital of the country of Gregoria. It is considered one of the world wonders. Every building in the city from the Wizard's Council building to the tanners on the outskirt of the city is made of stone. Each building is a single piece of stone that mages have created or commanded into the size, shape and look that the mage desired.
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Gregoria - Gregoria is one of the nine countries that make up the continent of Mednadda. Gregoria is one of the few countries on Alquennas that is controlled by mages. For additional information, please see the World Atlas: Mednadda.
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Grimoire - Grimoire is the singular form of grimoires. A grimoire in the SkillSkape system is a magical reference that is used to record information on specific demons. This information includes the common and true name of a specific demon as well as other important information for dealing with the specific demon. Several grimoires on different demons have been known to be bound together in one book. Usually a found grimoire book will have information on one specific demon, as these books require a great deal of research and time to create.

Different levels of demons have different amounts of information on them. The more powerful the demon the more information there is to research on that demon.

For additional information, please see "Chivalry & Sorcery: the Rebirth: Volume 2: Magicks and Miracles" or "The Book of Additional Magick for Chivalry & Sorcery: the Rebirth".
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Grizzly Polar - A Grizzly Polar is a result of a polar bear breeding with a Brown bear or Grizzly bear. This hybrid creature retains the color of a polar bear with the added tenacity of the Grizzly bear. They can be found in the tundra regions of the world on the Northern poles.
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Groups - Groups A group is a number of persons or things ranged or considered together as being related in some way.

An Army - An army is the name given to a group of Frogs
A Bail - A bail is the name given to a group of turtles or sea turtles.
A Horror - A Horror is the name given to a group of Reapers
A Knot - A Knot is the name given to a group of Toads
A Nest - A Nest is the name given to a group of Snakes and/or Vipers
A Ruin - A Ruin is the name given to any group of Mechanical Horrors
A Shiver - A Shiver is the name given to a group of Sharks
A Shoal - A Shoal is the name given to a group of fish.
A Smack - A Smack is the name given to a group of jellyfish.
A Swarm - A group of Goliath Sharks is known as a swarm.
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Grove - A Grove is a term to describe a group of timber trees.
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Guardian Shepherd - Guardian Shepherd is a breed of dog designed to protect flocks and children. They are a well-proportioned and extremely strong breed of dog. The body and head are normally in proportion to each other with the forehead a little rounded. At the base of the head, the ears are wide at the base and are pointed, upright and turned forward. Their eyes are almond shape and are usually dark brown to black. Most varieties of Guardian Shepherds have a black to blue-black nose and muzzle. They have bushy tails that reaches to its hocks and will normally hang down when the animal is at rest. The front legs and shoulders are well developed and muscular. The front thighs are sturdy and massive. The breed has round paws that contain very hard soles for running on difficult terrain.

Their different coat colorations distinguish the three primary varieties of Guardian Shepherd:

The Sable or Black Guardian Shepherd, as the name implies, has a lush longhaired coat that is jet black in color.

The While or Silver Guardian Shepherd, as the name implies, has a lush longhaired coat that is whine or silver in color.

The most commonly seen Guardian Shepherds are black with tan colorization.

A rare variety of Guardian Shepherd is the Blue Shepherd. This Shepherd has blue-to-blue gray eyes with a fine longhaired coat of snow white in color.

The Guardian Shepherd has been bred for thousands of years to protect and serve. The breed is from Kenda and has been exported all over the world. They are outstanding with children even at their 125 to 145 lbs mass.
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The Guardians of Kenda - The Guardians of Kenda are two statues measuring over 200 feet tall that stand watch at the southwestern coast of Kenda. The Legend states that any evil approaching Kenda will be repelled by the two Guardians.
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Gylne Datter - Gylne Datter is the dwarven dance when a daughter is born within a clan. The birth of a daughter in a dwarven clan is celebrated as a clan holiday.
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